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It is most commonly used in expressions such as "în pula mea", which literally translates as in my cock, but has a meaning nearer to the English fuck in that it expresses anger or dissatisfaction.

Premieră: Transplant de penis în cazul unui soldat american

Both "pizda" and "pula" can also act as a filler swear word, similar to the English "fucking" or "fuck off". When said in the indicative mood, as opposed to most profanity in Romanian, which is often in the penis donator or conditional - optative moods, this expression normally conveys the penis donator of abandoning a certain course of action or the intention to complete a task with a minimum of effort: "mi-am băgat pula" - literally "I put my dick in", meaning "I did it superficially" similar to "mi-am băgat picioarele" - "I put my feet in".

Roughly translating as "pussy" or "cunt", it is a vulgar word for the vulva. A common profanity is the phrase "du-te-n pizda mă-tii", meaning "go into your mother's cunt". Another penis donator is "futu-ți pizda mă-tii", "fuck your mother's cunt".

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These are often shortened to "pizda mă-tii". Pizdă can also be used as a derogatory term for calling someone a coward.

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It is commonly used in "Nu fi pizdă" which translates to "don't be a pussy". A more "traditional" euphemism for this expression is "paștele mă-tii" "your mother's Easter "mainly employed because of its phonetic similarity to pizdă.

Another variation on the "mother" theme is "futu-ți dumnezeii mă-tii" which means "fuck your mother's gods".

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Penis donator euphemism is less insulting than the above phrases and often finds its way into informal conversations. Profanities referring to sexual intercourse[ edit ] A fute literally means "to fuck" and is used in a variety of expletives. Să te penis donator translates as "fuck you", but the verb is more commonly used in expressions such as "futu-ți pizda mă-tii" "fuck your mother's pussy" or just "futu-i" "fuck it".

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Related to a fute are the phrases "a i-o trage cuiva" "to fuck someone""a da la buci" "to fuck in the ass" and "futai" "sexual intercourse". Other profanities related to sex[ edit ] Romanian insults often involve the sexual behavior of men or women.

Women are usually insulted by comparison to prostitutes.

Am vorbit cu doctorii care au făcut primul transplant de penis din America

There is a rich vocabulary of insults involving prostitution in Romanian. Curvă is an insult meaning whore or prostitute, or, more generally, a sexually promiscuous woman.

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Synonyms or near-synonyms are târfă, traseistă, or penis donator. The words zdreanță, boarfă and ștoarfăcoardă are all used to refer to a woman of low moral penis donator. A pimp is usually referred to as a peștewhich literally translated to "fish". Profanities directed at men include poponarcurist and găozarall with the probleme de erecție dimineața meaning of faggot. Literally, these words refer to male homosexualsalthough they are generally used as insulting words towards any male, no matter their sexual orientation.

All three refer to the anusimplying the person they are directed at practices anal sex. A womanizer is known as a fustangiu from fustă, skirtor pizdara word formed in a similar fashion to poponar but which has recently taken on a more positive connotation similar to "player" Bravo, tată, mare pizdar!

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Bulangiu has quite a complex and contradictory formation. Bulan is slang for "luck" and also for "thigh", bul is also Romani slang for "ass".

However, the word bulangiu is used to describe a man who is either not cooperative, a backstabber, or ungrateful, and penis donator roughly the same meaning the English ass has in the phrase "don't be an ass! The female version of bulangiu may be bulangioaică or bulangie, but feminine forms are rare. Lăbar and labagiu refer to a male person practicing masturbation.

It carries the same meaning as "moron" or "jerk" in American English, or " wanker " in British English. These words are derived from labă, literally "paw", but referring to masturbation in slang. The expression "a face laba" means "to jerk off".

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Although they are literally connected to masturbation, in the spoken language they have the same meaning as "jerk", "asshole" or "ass" when referring to an individual. Muist and its female equivalent, muistă, both mean "blowjob giver " often in reference to a whore. These words derive from the interjection muie!

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Profanities unrelated to sex[ edit ] Comparison with animals is another common way of insulting people in Romanian. Scroafă, a word meaning "sow", is often used in the same sense as the English bitch.

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Men can be insulted with the term bou meaning "castrated bull". Other animals that can be used for insulting people include: goose gâscă, usually used for women, with the penis donator "stupid"donkey măgar, told to a "stubborn" or "selfish" person, or carrying the same meaning as "asshole!

Nenorocitoriginally an old popular word that literally translates as "unlucky" and described a disadvantaged or unhappy person similar to the English phrase "poor penis donator now used in a powerfully pejorative sense with a meaning similar to "motherfucker" in English. It is used mostly in the vocative case : nenorocitule malenenorocito female. Death is also a recurring element of most forms of profanity in Romanian. A phrase used when expressing disbelief or sarcasm is "Să mori tu!

In the first person, să mor eu "I should die Long tirades of various forms of profanity strung together into a syntactically correct sentence is also not unheard of, and the Romanian language certainly allows the formation of such structures. Other insults are the ones with devils, "Du-te dracu" meaning "go to devil" similar to "go to hell. Or "te ia mama dracu" meaning "Devil's mother will take you", being a warning to not do something.

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Euphemisms for profanity[ edit ] The word păsărică little bird is a euphemism for pizdă. It is frequently used when addressing children to refer to the vagina. The word puță is a euphemism for pulă.

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It is often used in conversation with children to refer to the penis. Fofo or fofoloancă, with the approximate meaning "hairy" or "furry", from Romanian "înfofolit", dressed, wrapped in thick clothes, as in winteris also another, softer slang word used to refer to vulva or vagina.